The foundation for Brian’s technique is described in the following article.  For all spinners, it will be the basis for all coaching and dialog.  It will be helpful for those that employ Brian as a coach to be familiar with the article.

The Oldfield Spin Technique


Brian is available for coaching via many methods.  Since everyone is not a Chicago area resident or has the opportunity to attend a John Powell Throwing Camp at which Brian is a coach, the opportunity to employ a world record holder and lifelong student of the event is now available.

Video analysis & phone consultation – $75

Send a video of your throw and have Brian analyze your form.  He will spend 30 minutes with you on the phone consulting with you after his analysis.

Phone consultation – $25

Brian will spend 30 minutes with you on the phone discussing throwing and training related issues.

Anyone that wishes to have a video or phone consultation must send their payment (check only; payable to Brian Oldfield).  Indicate what days and times would be best for your consultation or call Brian at (773) 951-4687 to prearrange a consultation appointment.

 Q & A

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